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Descente Ltd. has renewed the lineup of products in "Munsingwear," which the brand launched in 1955 as the world's first golf wear brand, for this spring under the new concept of "Turf & Everyday."

Descente is aiming to establish Munsingwear as a brand that supports the lifestyles of people who love the brand, and offers a wide variety of wear that can be worn in diverse scenes, ranging from golf competitions to daily lives.

A polo shirt in this brand that the company has unveiled is a fine shirt for adults made by arranging the brand's traditional piping design in contemporary style with modern technology.

The shirt uses "MANERD" Yarn, special composite yarn made from cotton and polyester, achieving excellent touch similar to that of cotton. It has excellent sweat-absorbing and quick-drying property as well as a "Sun Screen" function.

"Sun Screen" is a function to restrict the temperature increase of garment or inside garment by increasing the reflectance of infrared ray.

This made-in-Japan polo shirt, which Descente produced by using high-quality materials, is a standard item in the renewed Munsingwear brand.

Descente has also released a polo shirt for women based on the same design, and products for both men and women are on sale at Munsingwear shops.

Thai fabric
Leading Thai designer brand Nagara (NAGARA)All of these paintings were not created by any specific inspiration, but rather convey emotion and imagination. through art and color All of them are mixed media style paintings. Using oil and acrylic paints in a unique style in black, red and gold tones, the painting style is influenced by the late artist Thawan Duchanee.

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Light, Warm Down Vest Made with Special Sewing Method & High-quality Down Released under "Munsingwear" Brand
Descente Ltd. has put on sale a lighter and warmer down vest, "Dual Air Down," as a new product under the "Munsingwear" brand. A special sewing method, which prevents down from coming out of fabric, is employed and high-quality down is used to reduce the amount of fabric in the vest, allowing it to be lighter and warmer than ordinary down vests.

Renowned Japanese actor Takuya Kimura, who serves as "ambassador" for the Munsingwear brand, also wears Duel Air Down, and photos of Kimura wearing Dual Air Down are on display at shops dealing in Munsingwear goods.

Munsing Wear Asia

Dual Air Down has a dual structure consisting only of outer and lining materials. This was made possible by using high-density fabric that never allows down to come out of the fabric and employing a special sewing method to prevent down from coming out through pinholes. As a result, Descente succeeded in decreasing the amount of fabric in the down-packed part of the vest, thereby reducing its weight.


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